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The purpose of this document is to outline rules that must be followed for an OSGeo event (meaning any event using the OSGeo name).

Additional Resources

The following are of interest to the event policy:

OSGeo Event Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all events that use the OSGeo name. These include:

  1. the annual FOSS4G event
  2. an event hosted by an OSGeo local chapter
  3. Third Party events that uses the OSGeo name

A. Mission -- any event using the OSGeo name must contribute positively to the OSGeo Mission, which is essentially to support the development of open source Geospatial Software, and promote its widespread use.

B. Program -- any event using the OSGeo name must have program content that is predominantly related to Open Source geospatial software.

C. Value -- any event using the OSGeo name should offer "good value" to the event participants, so as not to reflect poorly on OSGeo.

D. Infrastructure -- any event using the OSGeo name should have a high-quality infrastructure (materials, presentation, facilities, and instructors), so as not to reflect poorly on OSGeo.

OSGeo Third Party Event Guidelines

Definition of Third Party

  • Dictionary definition: a person or group besides the two primarily involved in a situation

In some cases a person or group may want to organise an event independently of OSGeo administration, but wishes to use the OSGeo name or brand. This may include companies, consultants or other organisations including OSGeo members and officers. Financial profit itself does not define a third party event and may or may not be involved in a proposal. OSGeo officers participating in the running of a third party event must not purport to be acting as OSGeo officers.


Third Parties using the OSGeo or FOSS4G name must abide by the above guidelines, as well as being approved by the OSGeo Board of Directors, as follows:

  1. The event organizer must distribute a formal plan to the general public osgeo-discuss list for community discussion, and to the Conference Committee through the conference_dev list
  2. The Conference Committee must vote on the acceptance of the event (abiding by OSGeo's conflict of interest policy)
  3. If accepted, the Conference Committee recommends the event to OSGeo's Board of Directors, through an email to the board list
  4. Board of Directors must vote on the recommended event (abiding by OSGeo's conflict of interest policy)
  5. OSGeo will endeavour to make a decision within 1 month of the event organizer distributing the formal plan, as in step 1 above.
  6. If the proposal is approved, an agreement document is created to describe how the event organizers and OSGeo will relate during the event planning. Event organizers will not operate under the direct administration or control of OSGeo.
  7. Event organizers may withdraw their proposal at any point in the process and are under no obligation to OSGeo to deliver the event.