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Open Source Geocoder

For those not familiar with the concept, Geocoding takes a human readable address and turns it into coordinates.

Project Purpose

The intention of this project is to work towards creation of open source software providing geocoding capability.

Google Summer of Code Ideas

We have proposed some ideas for Google Summer of Code projects. You can read more about them OpenGeocoder 2009 SOC Ideas.

Design goals

Desired attributes:

  • Handle international addressing schemes (expected to be pluggable to support internationalization)
  • Library Coded in C (or C wrapper to C++)
  • Architected and designed for performance
  • Abstracted storage to allow for use of data from various sources e.g. shapefiles, RDBMS, others

Contact information

Please join us on the mailing list.

NOTE: This mailing list is shared between this project and the OpenRouter project.

Relevant Existing Open Source Technologies

Target Licensing

  • Preference for a liberal license to encourage adoption by maximum number of technologies both proprietary and open source

Project Support


The following list are people who are interested in participating in development of this project:


The following list are people who are interested in participating in testing of this project:


The following list are people that plan to make use of this project: