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OpenGeocoder 2009 SoC Ideas

Enter ideas for development projects here. Note these are just suggestions - students are welcome to propose projects based on their own interests that relate to OpenGeocoder. Our current efforts are based on the PAGC code. This is a C language geocoder You can read more about it at:

PAGC Home that has links to download the code and to sign up for the email list.

PAGC Code Refactoring

We currently have a project proposal rework the existing code to make it support SQL database(s) and to restructure it to be more modular. Need to link PDF proposal here.

PAGC Landmark Gecoder

This is a project proposal that would standardize non-address type landmarks and handle geocoder requests for them. Need to link PDF proposal here.

PAGC Build Address parsing and standardization tools for countries

We currently have an address standardizer that is partially data driven, based on a Lexicon and a Gazetteer for a given reference data set. We currently have support for US Tiger data and Canada Road Network File records. We will be building similar ones for Navteq North America data. It would be interesting to integrate something like OSM (OpenStreetMap) data or other country data sets as a reference data set for any given country and have Lexicons and Gazetteers to match.

PAGC OpenLS compatible API

PAGC currently has web API that allows it to handle web requests and return XML documents. OpenLS is an OGC standard for Open Location Services. OpenLS has many features described as OpenLS but we would be interested in support those appropriate to PAGC.

Mentor Candidates

The following individuals are potentially willing to serve as OpenGeocoder/PAGC mentors or co-mentors.

  • Stephen Woodbridge