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Open Science Committee Budget Planning 2020

The OpenGeosSci committee requests to OSGeo a total budget for the year 2020 of 7,560 USD.

This is intended to cover:

  • 1 hosted event at EGU 2019 (EGU OSGeo Event 2020, including catering costs) (2,562 USD (approx.))
  • Outreach (Open Science, AGU, etc.) (3,000 USD)
  • Hackathons (2,000 USD)

EGU General Assembly

  • Event: townhall (EGU Event_2020)
  • Venue rental: none
  • Catering: 2,278 USD (based on previous experience) [required]
  • Promotional material: 285 USD (Posters/flyers/media/giveaways announcing the event) [required]

Sub-Total requested budget: 2,562 USD / 2250 EUR

Outreach at Open Science events

  • Training/Promotional material: 500 USD (Handsout, USB live, Open Hardware, etc.)
  • Registrations/travel costs: 1,500 USD
  • OSGeo Open Science Awards: 1,000 USD

Sub-Total requested budget: 3,000 USD

External outreach potentials

  • EGU (Option for 2020: Installment of an "Ask me anything"-type of event for research data and software, similar to the events hosted at AGU GA)

OSGeo outreach opportunities

  • FOSS4G Asia
  • FOSS4G Europe
  • FOSS4G
  • FOSSGIS (local event for German speaking countries)

Hackathons / Open Science Sprints

  • Catering & handout: 1000 USD
  • Venue rental: 1000 USD


  • Eastern Central European Open Data Hackathon at DIW Berlin in Q3 2020 (Participants to be expected from Germany, Poland, Czechia and Denmark).
  • tbd

Sub-Total requested budget: 2,000 USD