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This page is an informal effort to identify and collect professional training options for open source geospatial technologies. I am thinking primarily about companies offering professional training courses though other forms might also apply.

For each entry please include the name of the organization providing the training, a brief description of the technologies covered, and an external link to somewhere with more information. If an organization offers several pre-prepared courses, adding an entry for each should be fine.

  • Frank Warmerdam, Canada: One day onsite "how to write a GDAL driver" course (this is a sample only!) - [1]
  • Redefined Horizons, USA: Customized training around OpenJUMP and related GIS software - [2]
  • DM Solutions Group, Canada: Various Training options for MapServer, MapGuide, Chameleon, ka-Map and related packages. [3]
  • Mapgears, Canada: Customized training on MapServer, Chameleon, ka-Map and related packages. - English Français
  • GDF Hannover, Germany: Various Training options for GRASS GIS and QGIS [4]
  • nature-consult, Germany: GRASS and Quantum GIS training courses, workshops and talks [5]