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This page is intended as a central location for ideas feeding into creating open source tools for interacting with Ordnance Survey data / products.

Astun Technology and Faunalia are working on a set of tools to convert Ordnance Survey's GML based data sets to PostGIS or Shapefile.


QGIS Plugins

Feel free to add possible features here for a QGIS plugin to allow users to easily interact with OS products

Ideas for features

  • Ability for users to paste emails from OpenData ordering site into QGIS and have QGIS download and store the data in a sensible manner
  • Feature to generate "extents" for each dataset to quickly determine what data coverage the user currently has
  • Easily convert compressed GML into shapefile or PostGIS
  • Manage a local PostGIS database of mastermap data
  • Handle updates of OS data (OpenData and other)
  • A gazateer plugin to be able to easily type in a place name to get QGIS to zoom to that location