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Osgeo7 is a <add OS, Ubuntu?> machine administered by SAC, hosted on OSU OSL servers since June 2018.


Ordered from Silicon Mechanics, May 2018, Delivered OSUOSL June 2018

       1   1U X11DDW 815TQC-R706W                             $7232  $7232.00 
       CPU:  2 x Intel Xeon Silver 4110, 2.1GHz (8-Core, HT, 2400 MT/s, 85W) 14nm 
       RAM:  128GB (8 x 16GB DDR4-2666 ECC Registered 1R 1.2V RDIMMs) Operating at 2666 MT/s Max 
       NIC:  Intel Dual-Port Ethernet Controller RJ45 - Integrated 
       Management:  IPMI 2.0 & KVM with Dedicated LAN - Integrated 
       Drive Controller:  14 Ports 6Gb/s SATA (Intel C621 Chipset) 
       Backplane:  12Gb/s SAS3 4-port direct connect backplane 
       NOTE:  For RAID with CacheVault, please select both controller and CacheVault kit below. 
       PCIe 3.0 x16 - 1: No Item Selected 
       LP PCIe 3.0 x8: No Item Selected 
       SATA DOM: No Item Selected 
       M.2 Drive: No Item Selected 
       NOTE:  Drives will be connected to onboard SATA3 controller unless otherwise specified 
       NOTE:  SED and 4Kn drives may have an extended lead time. To order, please contact our sales department. 
       Hot-Swap Drive - 1:  HGST 8TB Ultrastar He10 (6Gb/s, 7.2K RPM, 256MB Cache, 512e, ISE) 3.5" SATA 
       Hot-Swap Drive - 2:  HGST 8TB Ultrastar He10 (6Gb/s, 7.2K RPM, 256MB Cache, 512e, ISE) 3.5" SATA 
       Hot-Swap Drive - 3:  HGST 8TB Ultrastar He10 (6Gb/s, 7.2K RPM, 256MB Cache, 512e, ISE) 3.5" SATA 
       Hot-Swap Drive - 4:  HGST 8TB Ultrastar He10 (6Gb/s, 7.2K RPM, 256MB Cache, 512e, ISE) 3.5" SATA 
       Optical Drive:  Blanking Panel - No Optical Drive 
       Front Panel:  Blanking Panel - No Front Inputs 
       Power Cables:  IEC60320 C13 to C14 Power Cable, 16AWG, 240V/15A, Black - 6' 
       Power Supply:  Redundant 750W Power Supply with PMBus & PFC - 80 PLUS Platinum 
       Rail Kit:  Quick-Release Rail Kit for Square Holes, Outer Slide Extendable Length 25.6 - 33.05 Inches 
       OS:  Customer declined OS 
       Management SW:  Supermicro Update Manager (SUM) Out-of-Band Management Software 
       Standard Warranty:  5 Year Silicon Mechanics Standard Warranty - Tier 1 ($0 - 10,000) 
       NOTE:  Advanced Parts Replacement service covers the cross shipping of replacement parts. 
       Advanced Parts Replacement:  5 Year Advanced Parts Replacement 
       NOTE:  For onsite service, international coverage, or additional options please contact our Sales department.
       No RAID
               No OS
       **** Additional Components ****
       Optane:  2 x Intel 280GB 900P Series (3D XPoint, 10 DWPD) HHHL PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe SSD
       Drive:  Samsung 512GB SM961 MLC (4GB/s, NVMe) PCIe 3.0 x4 M.2 2280 SSD


As of 2019-04-24 the ssh of the main host (the physical server) is 2222 and there is only one non-root account on it and can only be accessed via key access. At this time only wildintellect, strk, robe, martin, pramsey and jef have their keys installed

So to SSN - ssh tech_dev@osgeo7.osgeo.osuosl.org -p 2222


 DONE: Installed 18.04.1 on the Samsung 512GB MZVKW512HMJP (whole drive), and only installed OpenSSH (
    • ZFS DONE
      • It's a little complicated to get the root of the OS on ZFS, simplest way seems to be to install to another drive then copy over -WE DECIDED NOT TO DO THIS. OS is not installed on ZFS (on SAMSUNG regular ext4? partition). But created an LXD ZFS pool that takes up the other disks.
    • DONE Note we went with simple single ZFS pool RAID 10 takes up the remaining disks (Non-SAMSUNG). OS and LXD install on SAMSUNG
    • LXC/LXD - storage options we'll go with zfs (need to decide how big of storage),
      • also the fact btrfs allows going back to older snapshot, does zfs have a comparable feature, or might we consider having two storage containers, one zfs and one btrfs)
      • we'll have containers dedicated to databases one for user databases, one for system stuff like ldap, gitea, trac?




LXD based containers:

  • Downloads [IN PROGRESS]
  • Wiki [Still to be done]
  • Webextra (Foss4g Archives)
  • Secure (LDAP) (for starters make LDIF schema backup of existing, add schema for ssh keys, some account to test, leave out personal identifying info for now)
  • NextCloud (for board members) [DONE - now used by more than just board members]
  • Drone [DONE]
  • NGINX [DONE] - used to proxy traffic from drone, nextcloud, and eventually others