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Foire Aux Questions sur l'OSGeo

À propos de l'OSGeo

Est il correcte que le conseil d'administration est élu par les 45 "membres de la Chartre" ?


Que signifie les termes Boards of Directors, Chair of Board, charter members" ?

Voici une traduction libre en français :

  • Boards of Directors : Conseil d'Administration
  • Chair of Board : Bureau
  • Charter members : Membre signataire de la Charte/ des Statuts

Qui ont élu les 45 "membres de la Charte" ? Comment les contributeurs peuvent obtenir le status de "membre de la Charte" ?

Le 25 et quelques premiers étaient basé sur les présents à la conférence de Chicago. Les 20 suivants ont été sélectionné par les membres initiaux. De même les futurs membres seront sélectionnés par les membres existant.

3.There are 9 committees.Everyone has a "chair-person". Who is electing that "chair-person"?

The Committee chairs are appointed by the board of directors, though generally speaking they are appointed at the recommendation of the committee. The chair's are generally considered to be "officers" of the foundation, so the board reserves the right to approve committee chairs.

4. What is the job of the Executive Director ?

I think the most official description can be found at Executive_Director_Job_Description

Generally speaking they act as a facilitator for the various activities of the foundation, and help make sure stuff that needs to get done, gets done when there is no volunteer available to do it.

I would write down some examples about what the OSGeo has done practically. On the homepage it`s written:"The foundation provides financial, organizational and legal support to the broader open source geospatial community."

A good summary of accomplishments so far can be found in Tyler's blog post, which I have discovered is not too evident on the web site:


5.Does that mean, that the OSGeo spends money ,for example, to develop the > code of special OS-Software?

This is possible, but generally speaking OSGeo doesn't spend foundation funds on direct development. It does provide a mechanism - "Project Sponsorship" - where by projects can collect and disperse sponsorship funds for specific tasks on a given project. This could be software development or other activities.

6.Which projects where sponsored concretely?

Currently on the GDAL project is participating in the Project Sponsorship mechanism. We have collected sufficient funds to contract Mateusz Loskot for six months (600 hours anyways) of general maintenance activities on the GDAL project, which should start March 1st.

Note that we also have the concept of Foundation Sponsorship. These funds are used for purposes such as legal support, promotion (booths at trade shows for instance), infrastructure (ie. internet hosting) and Tyler's salary.

7.Is there somewhere an overview how much money the OSGeo spends for what? Just to have an impression of the dimensions.

We have a budget, but this is highly contingent on what funds are actually raised Budget.

Practically speaking, the pdf attached to the following email summarizes actual funds spent so far, not counting a variety of expenses that were paid directly by Autodesk as an in-kind contribution.


Note that this is a preliminary financial report and has not yet been approved by the Treasurer.

8.Can you give me some practical examples what the OSGeo has concretely done? So that we can write down some "hard facts". Can you give me an example for the legal support?

Legal support so far has taken the form of general and specific legal advice on various project "intellectual property" issues. These include the drafting, and revision of contribution agreements, and copyright assignment documents. We have also received a variety of legal advice related to setting up the foundation (bylaws, etc).

9. Do you have a statistic how many hits the site https://www.osgeo.org/ > has per day, or maybe a statistic how many users are registered in > the various mailing lists of the OSGeo?

There are a few statistics at VisibilityStats

We are currently working on better web site statistics handling.