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Next Meeting

Thurs Aug 31st, 2006
Fox and Feather Pub
283 Elgin Street (upstairs)


  • Approve Mission (below), and select executive (perhaps just a president/chair)
  • Presentation on "Coordinate Systems: PROJ.4, EPSG and OGC WKT" by Frank Warmerdam
  • Eat, drink and be merry!

About Ottawa OSGEO

The OGUG (Ottawa Grass Users Group) and OMSUG (Ottawa Map Server Users Group) have had a preliminary joint meeting and decided to pursue merging and operating as an OSGeo local chapter in the Ottawa (National Capital Region) area. While not yet officially designated as an OSGeo chapter, we are "in formation".

The Ottawa Chapter of OSGEO is formed by the combination the local active communities of three OSGEo projects: Mapserver, GRASS and Mapbuilder

The Ottawa MapServer Users Group (OMSUG) began meeting during the winter of 2003. With a strong local user base in Ottawa, representing many diverse users and developers, these meetings provide a unique opportunity for members to meet and discuss how MapServer is being leveraged in Ottawa and ways we can work together to grow its use in the region.

OGUG formed in June of 2005 as a network of GIS practitioners interested in incorporating or replacing their proprietary GIS workflow with Open Source GIS Solutions. OGUG aimed to be a central body of knowledge and expertise for the GRASS GIS Community in the Ottawa area.


The OSGeo Ottawa Chapter exists to provide support for local users of Open Source Geospatial software, and to promote the goals and projects of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation. The Chapter is focused on the National Capital Region around Ottawa with face to face meetings providing networking, support and educational opportunities to the local members.


  • Monthly face to face meetings
    • Networking
    • Presentations
    • Workshops and Tutorials
    • User to user support
    • Job Opportunities
    • HowTo's
  • Colaborative Projects
    • Documentation
    • Local Data Sets
    • Supporting OSGEO projects at large
  • Regional Events
    • Conference
    • Demonstrations
  • Communication
    • Active mailing List
    • Content Rich Wiki
    • Outreach to local Geo community
    • Documented Activities

Site Layout

Chapter Admin: Information of interest to the chapter at large concerning meetings, events, charter,etc.

MapServer: Information of interest to local MAPSERVER users (including old OMSUG content)

GRASS: Information of interest to local GRASS users (including old OGUG content)

MapBuilder: Information of interest to local MAPBUILDER users

Local Chapter Directory: Listing of companies, people, universities and government departments involved with or using OSGeo projects

Ottawa OSGEO Media Coverage: Links or snippets of media featuring activities of Ottawa OSGeo from various Sources


Contributing to this wiki

How To Write WIKI

Check out WikiPedia, where else. This is a great resource for many wiki writing tips

Page Naming Conventions

Since the whole wiki uses a flat file structure instead of a directory structure there is a need to organize the pages relavant to our chapter's activities. To get this wiki area started I chose a simple page structure format

The logic:

  • (Chapter)_(Project Area)_(Topic)_(Sub Topic)


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