Ottawa Chapter Report 2009

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Ottawa Chapter

Key Accomplishments

  • held meetings ever 1-2 months, which included presentations to share experience in particular projects/software, and social/networking to learn what others are doing, job opportunities, opinions on where the community is going, etc.
  • WIDE range of participants, including programmers, users, experts, novices, educators, students, program managers, people from government, non-profits, large and small firms; continuing to see new faces
  • local chapter's mailing list continues to be a valuable resource, sharing variety of useful information

Areas for Improvement

  • number of actual presentations at meetings dipped in 2009 compared to previous years

Opportunities to Help

  • presentation ideas, and especially volunteer presenters, are sorely needed
  • ideas, and more importantly volunteers to help make it happen, are needed for other activities

Outlook for 2010

  • some great ideas have been voiced in the past year about outreach activities, collaborations with other groups, etc. Getting these ideas off the ground will require volunteers, of course, and we also encourage other groups to contact us if they have ideas for cooperation.