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* Website
* Website
** Desire to have clean splash page
** ''Desire to have clean splash page''
** ''Interest in using github and git pages''
* Conferences
** ''Notes''
=== Git, Github and affiliated tools - Darrell ===
=== Git, Github and affiliated tools - Darrell ===

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: New Meeting Location starting - June 20, 2012 (see address below)


Lucky Lab - North Portland Tap Room Location Info



  • Rod, Brian, Rob, Eli, Tanya, Wm, Darrell, Melanie, Madeline, Tim, Rafa, Scott, Ryan

Regular meeting business

(e.g., Upcoming GIS events/conferences, next meeting presenters or topics, discussions, updates, etc.)

  • New Meeting Place - possibly meeting in different places each month.
  • We no longer meet at Collective Agency
  • We have several options that seem possible
    • Wm's office (flightstats) potentially too, some receptiveness to moving around, Darrell's Office (Renewable Funding) next meeting, third Wednesday could let us have meetings in Nov and Dec,
  • Website
    • Desire to have clean splash page
    • Interest in using github and git pages
  • Conferences
    • Notes

Git, Github and affiliated tools - Darrell

  • GitHub and the Git version control system, two tools at the heart of open source collaboration. Even if you're not a software developer this will be a great primer on what makes open source projects tick. Git veterans, bring your knowledge and stories of the wild west days of Subversion, CVS and dare I say it, Microsoft VSS.
    • Notes here

Future meeting schedule for 2012 (every third Wednesday)

  • July 18th
  • August 15th
  • September 19th
  • October 17th
  • November (typically canceled)
  • December (typically canceled, or Winter Coders Social)