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| align="center"|'''5.
| align="center"|'''5.
| Melelani (Mele) Sax-Barnett
| Melelani (Mele) Sax-Barnett
| GIS Analyst
| GIS Technician
| TriMet, OpenStreetMap
| TriMet, OpenStreetMap

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No. Full Name (nickname) Job or Personal Desc. Affiliation/GIS interests
1. Jeremy VanGelder GIS Technician I-10 Associates
2. Robert Denner GIS Coordinator/Techie City of Philomath
3. David Percy Geospatial Data Manager and Map Wrangler Portland State University Geology and Urban Planning Depts
4. Eli L Adam GIS Analyst Lincoln County, GeoMoose, GDAL, PostGIS, webmapping, OSGeo, fun maps
5. Melelani (Mele) Sax-Barnett GIS Technician TriMet, OpenStreetMap
6. Ryan Hodges Applications Developer Ecotrust
7. Matthew Perry Applications Developer Ecotrust
8. Rafa Gutierrez Cartographer/Developer Grafa Geographic Design
9. Scott Fletcher Applications Developer Ecotrust
10. Darrell Fuhriman Engineering Manager Renewable Funding, LLC
11. Justin Healy Analyst/Project Manager Real Urban Geographics, LLC
12. Tim Welch Senior Developer Ecotrust
13. Justin R. Miller Developer MapBox
14. Grant Humphries GIS Analyst TriMet, OpenStreetMap
15. Heather K Cowley GIS Analyst Cowley GIS
22. Amber Case @caseorganic Co-founder Geoloqi, OpenStreetMaps, GPS, Location, Mobile
23. Tom Kline GIS wannabe KMCTF Cave inventory GIS kmctf.org
24. Full Name (nickname) Job or Personal Desc.
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