PDX OSGEO 20110928 Minutes

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PDX-OSGEO meeting
9/28/2011 6-7
Location: OpenSourcery in NW Portland & Across the street afterwards



Regular meeting business

(e.g., Upcoming GIS events/conferences, next meeting presenters or topics, discussions, updates, etc.)

  • FOSS4G and other reports. Discussions on...
    • routing talks
    • gamification of maps and data collection (Skobler). Utilized OSM data.
    • GIS going to an IT field; education curriculum not going to that. Job hires versus educational experience.
    • Mini FOSS4G in North America; possibly piggy-backing off another conference.
  • OSGeo discuss announce
  • OSGeo Annual Report
  • WhereCamp around corner. Stack demo? Other involvement. Announcements made to PDXOSGEO group, GIS_Info, and other groups.
  • GIS In Action call for presentations
  • Nov and Dec meetings?


  1. Jonathan Karon (fightingmonk) is coming to present his OSBridge 2011 session


Remaining schedule (every fourth Wednesday)

  • October 26th (Lev Tyspin from ThinkShout is coming to talk about some Drupal mapping work they've done)
  • November 30th (likely canceled)
  • December 28th (likely canceled)