PDX OSGEO 20130515 Meeting

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Time and Location

  • May 15h, 6-8pm
  • Flight Stats


  1. Garlynn Woodsong from Calthorpe Associates will present the UrbanFootprint scenario planning tool (http://www.calthorpe.com/scenario_modeling_tools)
  2. The Hack-a-thon at OSBridge will be discussed
  3. Open discussion: Recap of the GIA conference + unconference, open topics.
  4. FOSS4G west coast email thread, http://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/discuss/2013-May/011635.html
  5. OSGeo shirts for conference booths, http://www.cafepress.com/osgeo/1752234

In attendance: 9 people in person, 3 on conf call, didn't record names.

OSBridge hack-a-thon

Proposed for one night of the hacker lounge.

Wm proposed a TileMill hack session, having people create maps.

Other suggestions.


Garlynn presented on Calthorpe's Urban Footprint planner.

Meeting notes

In attendance: