PDX OSGEO 20130821 Meeting

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Time and Location

  • August 21st, 6-8pm
  • Ecotrust (Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center)
  • 721 NW Ninth Ave
  • Portland, Oregon 97209, US (map)
  • We'll meet in the Ecotrust Alder Room. Enter the atrium of the Ecotrust building from either side. Feel free to bring food and/or beer up with you from Hot Lips or Laughing Planet! Walk up the inside stairs along the East Wall or take the elevator to the second floor. The Alder Room entrance is right behind the Ecotrust front desk. We'll have the gate open for at least the first part of the meeting. If it's not open, call Tim at 971-227-2357 or just yell through the gate at us :-)


  1. FOSS4G 2014 in PDX
  2. Lyzi can show a new technique used to include geojson in a Leaflet map. (brief)
  3. Ecotrust can show off their latest geo survey platform (Django+Leaflet). Try your hand at their latest survey that lets you map your recreational activities from your last trip to the coast. Bring your tablet/smart phone
  4. Review and fill in PDX_OSGeo_Chapter_Annual_Report_2013
  5. next topic



FOSS4G 2014 in PDX