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  • Meeting planning has been done loosely by an ad hoc group of varying people as needed and as schedules permitted. That has not always worked entirely smoothly.

Plan for future

  • Make a planners email list
  • Document what it takes to plan a meeting
  • Make sure all interested members can plan a meeting

Specific time line example

  • 1.5-2 months in advance
  1. Get a presenter, discussion topic, or some other meeting event
  2. (Tim and Ecotrust are often working on something fun if you need ideas)
  3. Email this to planners list
  • 2-3 weeks in advance
  1. Email the planners list what you are doing for the meeting and call for others to pick up the rest
  2. Contact Brian at OpenSourcery (you should be able to guess his email from that) to confirm our meeting space and time
  • 1 week in advance
  1. Make an Agenda Page on the wiki
  2. Email the group list that there is a meeting. Include the time, place, agenda link, and any other relevant details
  • Day before or day of
  1. Send another reminder email?
  2. (We are thinking of having pizza every meeting, if so, then) order pizza?
  • At meeting
  1. Take attendance
  2. Take notes in wiki

     Meeting notes can be added to Agenda inline as italics, in which case, it should probably just be a meeting page rather than an Agenda page.


  • Rough outline so far.