PDX OSGeo 20141015 Meeting

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Time and Location

  • October 15th, 6-8pm
  • Portland State University Cramer Hall - room 69 - 1721 SW Broadway, Portland, Oregon 97201 - Basement of Cramer Hall. If you enter from the North, by the street car tracks, you will be on the correct floor, take a left and wander past the Geology department until you see it.
  • http://calagator.org/events/1250467164


  1. Meeting plans for 2015 (locations and speakers / topics)
  2. GIS Day
  3. Best of FOSS4G talks (suggestions from all)
  4. Revisit the PDX OSM building imports project
  5. USGS topo PDFs, how to process and use (Eli)
  6. You! Everyone is welcome to present about geo-topics, let us know what you are working on ideas you have.


Justin (GitHub), Eli (Lincoln County), Percy (PSU Geology), Harvey (PSU Geography), Katie (awesomeness), Darrell (general geo flunky), Tanya (coastal geo), Garrett (Quantum), Kendall McDonald (she has a magnetometer!), Ryan (Trimet), Rob (Android Apps!!), Rafa (Mapbox), Grant (Trimet)

Meeting Notes

Geology 69 and Geography 419 both might be good locations for meetings in the future. We've started a list of topics for future months here:


We will have a November meeting but no December meeting. Go to the Winter Coders social instead (check Calagator of details).

OSM Building import

We want to import all the buildings in the Metro area! The last time we discussed this was at State of the Map US in DC, but we haven't made much progress because we took time off to organize FOSS4G. Notes from State of the Map are here:


Details about what we are working on are here:


and here:


Approx 85% +/- of the buildings are easily handled (one address per building etc), so these should be handled in an automated process in a phase 1. The remaining edge cases should be able to be focused on in a more detailed hand-curated process. For example, we could create a Task Manager process to work on the remaining 15% edge case problem buildings (apartment buildings and conflicts with existing building for examples).

There is a rumor that Metro is currently trying to improve the address data (Ben Sainsbury?) and this might cause us to want to wait for the next release before we go forward. Grant will check with Metro on this and report back.

Justin has some pull requests.

Next step for how we interact with the OSM-Import community, is for us to complete the items in GitHub Issue #8, and release our plan to the community.

Agenda for next meeting

Next meeting is on GIS day! the weekend before on the 15th is a OSM Editathon