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Philippines Chapter of OSGeo

About Philippines OSGeo Chapter


  • Promoting Open Source Geospatial tools and publicly available Geodata
  • Advocacy of and promoting localization software and educational material and services
  • Act as a bridge between various groups like Developers, Application Users, NGOs, Government departments


Regular Committee Membership Meetings

  • add details here


  • add details

Collaborative Projects:

  • Localization of OSGeo projects
  • Development of demo prototype
  • Software documentation translation
  • add here

Regional Events:

  • Workshops and Training
  • Special Lectures
  • Demonstrations


  • Networking Local Communities
  • Mailing Lists: ??
  • Wiki

Legal status

  • will the chapter be registered as NPO or as other legal body?
 if yes, give details.

Philippines OSGeo Chapter Officers

Philippines OSGeo Representative

  • Name (Affiliation)

Philippines OSGeo Chapter Coordinator

  • Name (Affiliation)

Initial Membership

Meetings of Philippines OSGeo Chapter