Potential Nominees for Next Membership Election

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This is a list of potential nominees for the next general membership election. For now it's enough to put some brief indicator of what the nominees' claims to fame are. When the official nomination period opens up, be sure to submit the names you put here via the "official" process that will be announced then.

  • Gillies, Sean - MapServer, ZCO, PrimaGIS
  • Kralidis, Tom - MapServer, WMS clients, WMS Context clients
  • McNierney, Ed - MapServer, TopoZone.com
  • Mueller, Markus U. - deegree.org, lat/lon GmbH
  • Wagner, Jan-Oliver - Freegis.org, Thuban, Intevation.net
  • Ames, Daniel P. - MapWindow Project, Idaho State University