Project Graduation Checklist

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Document Status

IncCom Document Number: X

Version: 1.0

Status: draft


The purpose of this checklist is to determine whether or not an Incubator Project is ready for graduation. All mandatory items in the checklist must be completed before a project can be considered for graduation. Completion of the items in this checklist does not necessarily guarantee graduation. Once a project is ready for graduation, it must follow the Project Graduation Process

Terms and Definitions

a member of the Incubation Committee chosen to assist a Project through the Incubation Process


Mandatory Items

  1. The code has been adequately vetted to assure it is all properly licensed, to the satisfaction of the Mentor.
  2. The project has a suitable governance policy and a project management committee established that ensures decisions can be made, documented and adhered to?
  3. The developer community works in a reasonably healthy way, open to input, new members and reaching consensus on decisions.

Optional Items

  1. The project has a smoke test and automated build process in place.
  2. All code committers have signed appropriate agreements.

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