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Research Infrastructure Activities


This page collects all acitvities within OSGeo, which are related to research infrastructure (RI). OSGeo activities related to RI currently include internal discussions within Committees and Projects, official agreements with external parties (e.g. MOUs) and reach out activities.

Definition Research Infrastructure (RI)

Research infrastructure topics are currently adressed using by different terms, including E-Research and others (to be extended).

RI Stakeholders

Stakeholders in RI-related topics include (but are not limited) to:

  • funding agencies (e.g. NSF, European Union, Foundations),
  • publishers/editors (e.g. Science, Nature, Copernicus),
  • data repository manager (e.g. PANGAEA, NASA, etc.)
  • data community (e.g. RDA, FORCE11, etc.)
  • data/publishing infrastructure
  • journal workflow vendors
  • librarians
  • researcher/scientists (ranging from early career to end-of career).

RI paradigms

Bad Science

Open Science

Open Science definition by Wikipedia

Data Science

Data Science definifiton by Wikipedia


FORCE11 FAIR data principles

RI-related activities by OSGeo Projects


  • Discussion on PSC level about software citation

RI-related activities by OSGeo Committees


  • RDA GI group (Input from Suchith needed)

Open Geoscience

  • Reach out at European Geoscience Union General Assemblies
    • Workshops (Input from Maxi needed)
    • Splinter Meetings (details needed)
    • Townhall Events (details needed
  • Input to Enabling FAIR project by AGU (content needed)

other RI-related activities


European Chapter
  • DI4 conference (details needed)


  • FOSS4G Europe 2015 (Como): Dedicated track on library sciences