Resultados del Tutorial ISSTOCAM WebGIS

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This page shows some screenshots of the results of a 6 day WebGIS workshop at the IODE Project Office (UNESCO/IOC) in Oostende, Belgium. Paticipants came from Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Chile, online resources from Brazil and a special guest from Belgium. During the course the page Sudamerica was created and some of the participants left their traces in this Wiki. Contact them or hack the correpsonding page if you are interested to further this local chapter, workgroup, page of interrest or whatever it will turn out to be.

Screenshot of Bathimetric data off the Brazilian Coast

This screenshot shows several WMS services, one with bathymetric data off the Brazilian coast. Check Sudamerica for the corresponding WMS GetCapabilities URL.

Brazil batimetria.png

Screenshot of Arid Zones in Sudamerica

The data comes as shpae files and has been added to a MapServer as WMS and WFS. For usability reasons later WFS was also added using GeoServer.

Latin american carribbean.jpg