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This page reflects the OSGeo success story.


The committees are part of the official structure of OSGeo. The following committees were established:

Additionally, an Executive Director was hired.


Elected charter members

Open mailing lists:

  • announce: 579
  • discuss: 402

OSGeo Projects

  • Web Mapping Software
    • Mapbender - first approved OSGeo project
    • MapBuilder (I)
    • MapGuide Open Source and FDO (I)
    • MapServer (I)
    • OpenLayers (I)
  • Desktop Applications Software
    • GRASS (I)
    • OSSIM (I)
  • Geospatial Libraries Software
    • GDAL/OGR (I)
    • GeoTools (I)
  • Metadata Catalog Software
    • GeoNetwork Opensource (I)
  • Other Projects
    • Public Geospatial Data
    • Education and Curriculum

(I): in incubation

Local Chapters

The following Local Chapters have been established, and many more are in formation:

  • Japan
  • China
  • India
  • Ottawa, Canada

Annual OSGeo Conference

  • FOSS4G 2006 in Lausanne, Switzerland was a great success.
  • FOSS4G 2007 in planning for Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, September 24-27, 2007,

GRASS / OSGeo Newsletter Published

On December 20th, 2006, the GRASS-News editors and OSGeo Promotion and Visibility Committee announced the first combined GRASS-News / OSGeo-News (5.3MB pdf) volume.

Systems Infrastructure

  • Alliance with Telascience to provide hosting, high bandwidth and hefty processing for projects.
  • Establishment of BuildBot build and smoke test server for projects.
  • Provision of hardware (c/o Telascience) for Kids GIS Portal
  • SVN Server setup for projects.
  • Community Drupal server set up for foundation and committees.

OSGeo In The News

OSGeo Presentations

LinuxTag 2006

OSGeo had a booth at the LinuxTag 2006 event in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Where 2.0 Conference, 2006

The Where 2.0 2006 saw a big OSGeo presence and the OSGeo at Where PressEvent with talks and presentations by Christopher Schmidt showing OpenLayers , Brent and Arnulf (GeoServer and Mapbender)) and Gary Lang talking about how and why he got to understand Open Source.

OSCon Conference, 2006

Intergeo Conference and Trade Fair 2006

OSGeo operated the Open Source Park at the Intergeo 2006. It was the first large Booth operated by OSGeo.

FOSS4G 2006 Lausanne Conference, 2006

OSGeo staffed a booth at the FOSS4G 2006 in Lausanne that was home to a GeoTools development sprint and had representatives from MapGuide Open Source, GRASS, Mapbender, MapServer and many more FOSS GIS projects.

OSGeo Swag Store

OSGeo has an online store, selling everything from our classic Black Shirts to Tote Bags to Teddy Bears, all with our distinctive and increasingly prestigious logo. And of course, all profits go to support our Foundation's activities.

OSGeo Logo Chosen

OSGeo had a community contest to vote for an official logo. Several excellent entries were received and the final version selected by a community voting process. In late 2006 the logo was modified slightly to allow easier use in various printing processes and to provide more options for use. Here is an example of the official current logo: