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* Balint Cristian (Holder of Fedora GIS interest group / GeoMap SRL - Oradea)
* Balint Cristian (Holder of Fedora GIS interest group / GeoMap SRL - Oradea)
* Ionuț Ovejanu (Faculty of Geography – University of Bucharest, Bucureşti)
* Ionuț Ovejanu (Faculty of Geography – University of Bucharest, Bucureşti)
* Florin Iosub
[[Category: Local Chapters]]
[[Category: Local Chapters]]

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General facts

Just starting to assemble a Romanian OSGeo local chapter.

We are a small and enthusiastic team of young Romanian researchers/academia folks, working with GIS/RS/Cartography/GPS technology. In order to overcome some of the dysfunctions related to geospatial domain in Romania (lack of geodata, metadata, SDI, obsolete rules regarding the rights to own and use geodata, time consuming bureaucratic procedures related to geodata share/exchange between the interested institutions, lack of a coherent educational strategy, specialized courses in faculties, books, journals, discussion forums) we create a geo-resource website called geo-spatial.org (for the moment will forward you to http://www.earth.unibuc.ro).

The website (Romanian only at this point) represents a collaborative effort by and for the Romanian community to facilitate the sharing of geospatial knowledge and the discovery and publishing of free geographic datasets and maps. Anyone can make a contribution by submitting articles or datasets for publication, adding comments to the existing articles, join the discussion on the mailing list or user’s forum. Currently we are using the website to promote the use of free and open source geospatial software. Multiple articles, tutorials and blog entries on geo-spatial.org are dedicated to this subject. Inspired by Paul Ramsey’s paper, "The State of Open Source GIS", we start a series of three articles called "Open source GIS software, a complete alternative to proprietary solutions". First article include a gentle introduction to the open source concepts and continue with an overview of principal geospatial libraries and toolkits (http://earth.unibuc.ro/articole/open-source-gis-I). The second article in this series is dealing with desktop applications (http://earth.unibuc.ro/articole/open-source-gis-II). The third (soon to be published) will cover the webmapping applications. Some tutorials describe step by step how to achieve specific actions using open source geospatial software like VTP, GRASS, SAGA GIS, QGIS. More of this kind of materials will be published in the following months. The website already uses existing foss geospatial technologies for data management and sharing (Geonetwork, Geoserver, Open Layers etc.).

After some of us attend the FOSS4G 2006&2007 conferences we conclude that a Romanian OSGeo local chapter, developed around geo-spatial.org, is a good and challenging idea.

Romanian chapter role

  • Promote OSGeo and FOSS4G software via geo-spatial.org
  • Promote OSGeo and FOSS4G software at local events (conferences, workshops, demonstrations, different meetings)
  • Organize special events to promote OSGeo and FOSS4G software
  • A bridge between Romanian software developers and users
  • Software and documentation localization and internationalization
  • Translate the important sections of OSGeo website
  • Promote open standards adoption for the geo-information
  • Promote the free access to geodata
  • Write new project proposal related to the spread/develop of FOSS4G software


  • "OSGeo Chapter" officially represents OSGeo and is formally recognized as OSGeo Project.
  • "OSGeo Chapter" must support the OSGeo Mission and Objectives of OSGeo.
  • "OSGeo Chapter" must hold regular meetings (at least annual) and provide annual report of activities to chapter membership and OSGeo Board.
  • "OSGeo Chapter" will not entail any financial commitment from or on-behalf of OSGeo. OSGeo will also not provide any budget assistance to the "OSGeo Chapter".
  • "OSGeo Chapter" is encouraged develop and maintain "Directory Listing" of companies, people, universities and organizations involved with or using OSGeo projects.
  • "OSGeo Chapter" must strive at networking with organizations to enlist participation and support for OSGeo.
  • OSGeo reserves the right to terminate its relation with an "OSGeo Chapter" if OSGeo has reasons to believe that the activities of the "OSGeo Chapter" are contrary or detrimental to the Mission and Objectives of OSGeo.


Anyone is welcome to join the list to show support and share ideas.

  • Vasile Crăciunescu (National Meteorological Administration, Bucureşti)
  • Ştefan Constantinescu (Faculty of Geography – University of Bucharest, Bucureşti)
  • Ion Nedelcu (Romanian Space Agency, Bucureşti)
  • Cristian Flueraru (National Meteorological Administration, Bucureşti)
  • Ioan Rus (Faculty of Geography - University Babeş/Bolyai, Cluj Napoca)
  • Bogdan Candrea (Faculty of Silviculture and Forest Engineering - University Transilvania, Braşov)
  • Nicolae Roman (Faculty of Geography - University Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Iaşi)
  • Sorin Andrei (Romanian Space Agency, Bucureşti)
  • Balint Cristian (Holder of Fedora GIS interest group / GeoMap SRL - Oradea)
  • Ionuț Ovejanu (Faculty of Geography – University of Bucharest, Bucureşti)
  • Florin Iosub