Romanian Chapter Report 2009

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Romanian Local Chapter

Key Accomplishments

  • Visibility at conferences and workshops:
    • 22-23 May 2009: presentation entitled "Bucharest air quality management system build entirely with FLOSS software" at eLiberatica 2009 (, in Bucharest - Romania.
    • 16-17 October 2009: general presentation at 17th GIS Users Conference, Iasi - Romania.
    • 20-23 October 2009: poster presentation of activities at FOSS4G2009, Sydney - Australia.

Areas for Improvement

  • Present the FOSS benefits to companies involved in the geospatial business here in Romania

Opportunities to Help

Outlook for 2010

  • In partnership with the Faculty of Geography - University Babes - Bolyai, Cluj Napoca, we are organizing the second edition of an seminar on free and open source geospatial solutions. The event will take place between 16-16 of April 2010 and will be hosted by the Faculty of Geography, in Cluj Napoca.
  • Regular meetings during the whole year
  • Become an official local chapter
  • Publish more articles and datasets on
  • Attract as many people is possible to FOSS4G2010