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osgeo1 (primary peer1 host)

    TODO: add in which time zone cron is running - Atlanta EST? 
     WISH: please don't run heavy backups during European day, but preferably 
     during Pacific Ocean day   (optimize backup time)

current cron jobs for backups


#### Backup cron jobs 
# min hour day month dayofweek user command
# 2am: Daily rsync to /home/back
05 2 * * * root /root/scripts/
# Every 3 hours 
# /etc/mysql-zrm
#33 */3 * * * root /usr/bin/rsync -a --delete /etc/mysql-zrm/ /home/back/etc/mysql-zrm/
# /var/lib/mysql-zrm
#34 */3 * * * root /usr/bin/rsync -a --delete /var/lib/mysql-zrm/ /home/back/mysql-zrm/
# call to backup 
# subversion /var/www/svn/repos
# trac /var/www/trac
45 */3 * * * root /root/scripts/
#45 */3 * * * root /root/scripts/
#45 */3 * * * root /root/scripts/
# Thisdoes some hourly drupal/mysql optimization
39 * * * * root /root/scripts/

backup script are in /root/scripts runs every 3 hours and only dumps what has changed in the repository in the last three hours to /home/back/svn_backup/project/incremental runs once a day at 1 am and does a 'svnadmin hotcopy' of the repository in /home/back/svn_backup/project/full. 14 copies of the repository are kept.

When adding a new svn repository, make sure to edit both the _full and _incremental scripts to add backups for your projects. You will also have to create the /home/back/svn_backup/project/{full,incremental} directories or the scripts will not work. rsync_back rsyncs with (the second PEER1 server)

Daily PEER1 Backup

PEER1 hosting service is doing daily tape backup of entire system using their SANS infrastructure.

  • This is a service we pay for on both osgeo1 and osgeo2. Do we need it on both?
  • At present it is backing up the complete file systems on both servers. We must provide them some direction as to the folders to include or exclude, so we maintain a reasonable sized backup. We then send them the list through their support ticket system.

Backup Folders / Files

Please list locations to be backed up here, preferably the same on both servers. Unless we feel we can drop the service on one of them.

  1. /etc - 10MB
  2. /var/www/trac - 550MB
  3. /root - 3MB
  4. /home/back/mailman - 1370MB
  5. /var/lib/mysql-zrm/daily - 401MB
  6. /usr/local/awstats/data - 52MB
  7. /var/www/- 6GB (SVN 7GB excluded, below)

running total: < 9GB

  1. /var/www/svn - 7GB


MySQL is being backed up using MySQL-zrm

  • Daily recovery files saved at: /var/lib/mysql-zrm/daily - other files needed?


  • Anything needed for this? i.e. /var/lib/ldap ?

osgeo2 (

  • Daily PEER1 Backup above also applies

As noted in Download Server the contents of are rsync'ed to osgeo2.

xblade14-2 (buildbot | upload | GDAL | GRASS | | QGIS | GeoTools)

??? How does it work?