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* [[User:Hobu|Howard Butler]]:
* [[User:Hobu|Howard Butler]]:
* [[User:Mspott|Martin Spott]]: +49 172 2019167 (GMT +1)
* [[User:Mspott|Martin Spott]]: +49 172 2019167 (GMT +1)
* Wolf Bergenheim
* [[User:Wolf|Wolf Bergenheim]]: (Drupal) +358-41-5176362 - timezone GMT+2
=== Other Admins of Note ===
=== Other Admins of Note ===

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This page documents what a Primary Administrator is, and who they are.

Primary Administrators are those people who have been given the highest level of access to OSGeo system resources. This is a position of substantial trust and responsibility. Primary Administrators are provided with:

  • accounts and sudo access on the primary Peer1 server (www.osgeo.org)
  • account information for the OSGeo DNS account at Pairnic.
  • account info for logging into the UPS web page to reboot the main and secondary Peer1 servers.
  • LDAP Password for primary LDAP respository
  • account info for filing tickets with Peer1

The following individuals are Primary Administrators and have access to this information. If they don't know the info, they should contact another primary administrator for details, and keep it somewhere off the main server so they can get to it in an emergency!

Other Admins of Note

IRC channels

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