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OSGeo provides a repository manager to support our projects in distribution of programming artifacts (see also SAC:Downloads).


How to use OSGeo Maven repository

To make use of to access OSGeo java projects.

'Example pom.xml file

      <name>OSGeo Repository</name>
      <!-- Contains releases for OSGeo projects: GeoTools, GeoWebCache, GeoServer, ...     -->
      <!-- Includs third-party-dependences, and caches of:                                 -->
      <!-- ucar ( -->
      <!-- geosolutions (                                   -->

Maven Repository Structure

Instructions for OSGeo Projects

OSGeo Projects (and community projects) are encouraged to make use of the for releases:

For projects running a build system (jenkins, GitHub actions) you may also set up a snapshot repository for your team.

You should also be able to use your project's releases repository to synchronize your content to maven central.


We are seeing volunteer projects to test out the docker infrastructure and define best practices for the community.

Initial structure is being used to support the GeoServer project CITE automation activity:


The is currently managed as an instance of Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager as shown below.