SAC:Standard System Setup

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This document pertains how to setup a new VM at OSU OSL.

Request a new VM

A support request should be made to OSU OSL support *after* discussion and agreement within SAC. Details will be needed on the disk space, memory and the machine on which it should be established. See SAC Service Status to get a sense of the machines available and what is already running on them. The support request should be made to support at

Base VM

New VMs are made by cloning the "Base VM", and reconfiguring the memory and disk space. The Base VM is not normally running, but when it is it will be at When policy changes are made on how the base system should be configured for all VMs, they should also be applied to this base VM.

Enable LDAP

As per SAC:Setup LDAP Authentication instructions setup LDAP access for the appropriate group (sac, telascience, etc) on the newly created VM.

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