SAC:Standard System Setup

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Enable LDAP

As per SAC:Setup LDAP Authentication instructions using authconfig.

Also need to update /etc/sudoers file like this:

(need to work out how to use LDAP Admin group to identify access to sudoers file)

YUM Update

sudo yum check-update 
sudo yum --exclude=dlm-kernel --exclude=cman-kernel --exclude=gnbd-kernel --exclude=GFS-kernel update

Enable auto-home-dir creation

Add the following line to /etc/pam.d/login and /etc/pam.d/sshd:

 session    required skel=/etc/skel umask=0022

Mount /home from NFS

Add the following to /etc/fstab:

 bucket:/export/home     /mnt/home               nfs     intr

Then wipe, and link /home to /mnt/home after ensuring there is nothing of value in /home.

 mount /mnt/home
 rm -rf /home
 ln -s /mnt/home /home

Disable SELinux

On some systems it may be desired to disable SELinux. This can be accomplished by:

  • Editing /etc/selinux/config and changing SELINUX=enforcing to SELINUX=disabled.
  • execute "sudo /usr/sbin/setenforce 0"