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Our DNS service is provided by PairNIC.

Requests for DNS changes should be submitted to SAC via Trac tickets. Any Primary Administrator should be able to make changes (info in secrets file). (Frank/Howard/Alex) is set as technical contact.

The zone file for the looks roughly like this (note this list is far out of date now):

@ 	             IN A  
www                 IN A  		
mapguide 	     IN A 		 
find.geodata 	     IN A 		
mapbender2 	     IN A	
dev.geodata 	     IN A
wiki 	             IN A 	
svn 	             IN A 	
geodata 	     IN A 	
*.wiki 	     IN A 	
access.geodata      IN A 	
buildbot 	     IN A 	
fdo2 	             IN A 		
www.communitymapbuilder IN A 	
* 	             IN A 	
community 	     IN A 	
download 	     IN A 	
gdal                IN A
testbed 	     IN A 	
lists 	             IN A 	
mapguide2 	     IN A 	
*.community 	     IN A 	
mapbender 	     IN A 	
mail 	             IN A 	
public.geodata      IN A 	
communitymapbuilder IN A 	
fdo                 IN A
MX records

SAC also administers the,,,, and domains.