SAC Meeting 2018-01-04

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New Website status report

  1. Sent email to 26 wordpress accounts have no OSGeo LDAP (shared spreadsheet they can fill).
    1. Jody's answer: I got your email, with list of people that do not have a matching osgeo id. I do not have any direction, to provide - what answer are you looking for?
  2. Also told Jody he can start allowing people to edit.
  3. About LDAP:
  4. Vicky:
  5. Open tickets

Sys Admin Contract

  1. Signing status report
    1. Alex: Martin's company signed and returned (Dec 27), forwarded to VP and Treasurer for OSGeo to sign (Jan 2).

Drone upgrade status (pending from last meeting)

  1. Sandro & Regina: <Fill report here>

Migration off old hard-ware

  1. Alex: Alex to propose hardware options to SAC mailing list based on

Virtualization, Containerization, or None

We need to decide about Virtualization and Containerization plans.

  • OSGeo6 was made without either in part because updating 4 OS was a lot of work.
  • Hardware is somewhat dependent on the solution. Ganeti or Openstack expect lots of cheap machines (3+) to work well. Redundancy is across machines instead of within machine.
  • It should be noted in all virtualization cases we plan to use KVM with LVM based images - Ganeti/Openstack/Libvirt are a management layer on top.
    1. Hardware Option 1
    2. Hardware Option 2
    3. Hosting Option: OSUOSL
    4. Hosting Option: Other
  1. Others
    1. <Fill report here>

GeoForAll DNS

  1. Jeff & Vicky:
    1. <Fill report here>

Go over status of SSL - FOSS4G2018 has asked

  1. Jeff: <Fill report here>

GitLab Status report

  1. <Fill report here>

Motions from last meeting

Name vote
Regina +1
Sandro +1
Jeffrey +1
Markus +1


  1. <Fill report here>

Other tasks from last meeting

  1. TODO for Alex:




FUll transcript




Next Meeting

Proposed Time: UTC: Thursday, January 18th, 2018 at 8:00 pm