SAC Meeting 2018-02-01

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Go over status of SSL - FOSS4G2018

January 4th 2018 Meeting

  • Website code:
  • The code for the payments is also very simple HTML - we'd be happy to host in a single point
    • 3rd party payment service: Pesapal
  • post-meeting. To be moved to webextra, with ssl in front
    • merge them and have the payment site be something like https:/
    • ragnvald:
    • Ensure we have continuity within our payment systems

<Fill report here>

New Website status report


  • [Vicky & Jody] Experimented with what can be done on the site.
  • [wildintellect] Status of OSUOSL cloud vm for website
    • New VM hosted at OSUOSL created. Will give robe access to move staging over in anticipation of shifting main website. (wildintellect)

Sys Admin Contract

  • [wildintellect]:

<Fill report here>

robe: as I recall the ball is in Martin's court. His company got the approval and his staff need to allow allocation of time to OSGeo on his timesheet before he can start.

wildintellect: Yes that's the latest, it's signed, just waiting on Martin to start. We need to prioritize tickets/tasks.

Migration off old hard-ware AND Virtualization, Containerization, or None

  • Discussion pending on list (moderator: could not find the mail thread)
  • Needs:
    • trac is painfully slow
    • osgeo6 is running an ancient Debian, needs to be updated

<Fill report here>

  • TODO: provide clarification of new hardware purchase options suitability for hosting type. (wildintellect)


<Fill report here>

  • Trac SVN sluggishness past 1-2 months

GeoForAll DNS

Did anyone make contact with Jason per the ticket? Jeff M. and Vicky were listed on the last agenda, if they aren't going to tackle it someone else needs to take the ticket.

robe: strk gave me credentials for Pair so I think I can handle this if Jeff and Vicky are tied up.



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Next Meeting

Proposed Time: UTC: Thursday, February 15th, 2018 at 8:00 pm

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