SAC Meeting 2018-05-10

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Where and When


  • Talk about hardware plans
    • Check status of hardware, Order was placed/paid 4/30/2018
    • hopefully we would have received, No shipping info yet
  • osgeo6 mysterious malware looking coin mining process under geotools. Next steps. [1]

DONE: Put in a trac ticket for Martin to investigate and check for other trojans [2]

TODO: All people with shell access should change their passwords and only log in with ssh key.

  • FunToo container ( - we have one and should start building nextcloud, weblate etc. containers
 DONE: is up, currently set to allow all OSGeo LDAP authenticated users to upload
 TODO: Setup an LDAP group for nextcloud use and add people (e.g. all board members), alternatively use existing groups we have (couldn't find board ldap group)
TODO: board members should start testing.  Note we'll eventually move this to OSGeo7 once OSGeo7 server arrives
  • Wiki LDAP integration (how do we move forward) wrt to approaches what are we willing to put up with 165
** TODO: Martin Spott to provide backup of database, or give me (robe) sudo access to so I can pull the postgres backup myself and inspect difficulty of doing the legacy_<username> -> ldap we discussed.
** TODO: Martin Spott and TemptorSent explore logistics of setting up a sandbox we can test.

  • OSGeo Website new Friends page
  • Website glitches (sponsors page, local chapters)
 ** DONE robe has put the / under gitea control so pushes to gitea will push to respective website.
    master ->,  staging -> (also refreshed the staging db and upload files so both sites are pretty much same now)
 **   TODO: start doing the changes fixing website glitches (sponsors page, local chapters, and setting up friends page) in staging using GI.  Jody to get GI working on the glitches
 **   TODO: robe will try to do the Friends page.
  • Discuss what to do once we have new hardware in place
 ** TODO: TemptorSent and wildintellect to setup wiki page detailing how OSGeo7 will be set up once it comes in (expected arrival another week or 2)



[Transcript] Transcript

Next Meeting

Proposed Time: Sunday May 27th 2018 20 UTC

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