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* [[Trac#Creating_a_trac_instance]]
* [[Trac#Creating_a_trac_instance]]
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=== cannot reach geotools maven repo ===
One of these works:
* https://download.osgeo.org/webdav//geotools/ (works)
* https://download.osgeo.org/webdav/geotools (broken)
Seems to be a regression?
== Transcript ==
== Transcript ==

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Started 2018-07-05 will continue 2018-07-12

Where and When


Postgres Security

Trac is currently running under super user and with local trust - plan create new trac_admin, GRANT ALL to existing objects, ALTER DEFAULT PRIVILEGES GRANT ALL to trac_admin. Change trac authentication to user passwords and new trac_admin account.

Talk about hardware plans

  • Our new hardware has landed. Need to fill in Wiki page and get started doing something with it SAC_Service_Status#osgeo_7.
  • We need to flesh out the setup details and start setting it up Osgeo7.

FunToo container (osgeo.host.funtoo.org) -Nextcloud

    • DONE? Setup an LDAP group for nextcloud use and add people (e.g. all board members), alternatively use existing groups we have (couldn't find board ldap group)


Wiki LDAP integration

  • (how do we move forward) wrt to approaches what are we willing to put up with 165
    • TODO: Martin Spott and TemptorSent explore logistics of setting up a sandbox we can test.

OSGeo Website topics

- anything outstanding SAC needs to be involved in?

  • from last week:
    • TODO (sponsors): close the related issues with Jive.
      • Never saw Jive on the IRC
  • Gravatar is now used in following pages: members page, board page

GeoForAll meeting document


jul 5

  • cvvergara
  • robe2
  • jmckenna
  • MartinSpott
  • strk
  • jodygarnett
  • wildintellect

Minutes jul5


Talk about hardware plans

  • Osgeo7
    • Ubuntu 16.04 or Ubuntu 18.04 ?
    • https://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/sac/2018-July/010196.html
      • robe2 opinion: I tend to prefer Debian than Ubuntu just because well I think Debian folks tend to have their act together more than Ubuntu, but there is the ZFS support is better on Ubuntu and the whole licensing thing as I recall is a thorn in Debian which is why it's not built in

Concerning the pgsql security related

cannot reach geotools maven repo

One of these works:

Seems to be a regression?



Next Meeting

Proposed Time: Sunday Jul 22nd 2018 7 UTC

SAC main page