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(Meetings Happened)
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== Meetings Happened ==
== Meetings Happened ==
[http://irclogs.geoapt.com/osgeo-sac/%23osgeo-sac.2019-06-06.log 2019-06-06]
== Agenda ==
== Agenda ==

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Where and When =

  • in IRC on Freenode, channel: osgeo-sac

Meetings Happened



  • osgeo4 #1940 - osgeo4 has been shutoff since all VMS have been moved off of it. we need to put in new drives so we can reformat it reformat and install lxd as a backup for osgeo7 and also so we can install experimental lxd containers like drone bots etc.
  • #2314 Both osgeo3 and osgeo 4 need new power supplies

Since last we spoke secure, adhoc, old-web (which houses id.osgeo.org) have been moved to osgeo7. adhoc.osgeo.osuosl.org now points to osgeo7 Also setup a grass container which neteler is configuring to replace the current grass on osgeo6

  • Website slow
  • Setup Bacula (need some thoughts on best way to go about this since osgeo7 is not setup quite the same and for some containers seems overkill to install a bacular fd client
  • Wiki is old and needs to be replaced the MySQL 5.5 EOL'd a couple of years ago for one.


  • OSUOSL donation and FunToo donation are we set?
    • FunToo submitted to monthly payment plan, did treasurer figure it out?
    • OSUOSL, need to submit request to treasurer.

System Contracts

  • DONE Regina System Contract in place and she worked (and used up the $5000)
  • Regina -- looking for second contract to finish off the work she started (like rebuilding wiki, enabling sshkeys in LDAP, changing wiki to use LDAP)
    • TODO: Draft contract and discuss
  • LDAP+SSH Keys
  • Migrating OSGeo Wiki Logins to OSGeo LDAP

Open tickets needing attention

Other topics

  • ``DONE`` geotools should create new keys and supply the public key.

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