SAC Meeting 2019-11

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Where and When

  • in IRC on Freenode, channel: osgeo-sac

Meetings Happened


  • DONE tracsvn has been moved to osgeo7 need ot upgrade to latest gitea
  • STATUS has been moved to osgeo7 - but still need to fix some redirects.
  • DONE: 2371 Upgrade gitea on tracsvn to 1.9.4


  • Moving other servers - I'm planning to finish webextra (webextra has a lot of stuff). Thinking of moving this one to osgeo4 to balance the load
  • DONE: moved wiki completely to osgeo7 - imaged it as container old-wiki
  • DONE: moved tracsvn to osgeo7 and setup a tracsvn-dev replica on osgeo4 to experiment with upgrades (have dev at gitea 1.9.4)

  • TODO: Setup Bacula (need some thoughts on best way to go about this since osgeo7 is not setup quite the same and for some containers seems overkill to install a bacular fd client -wildintellect thinks we may not need this since we have snapshot daily backups on osgeo7 and container backups on osgeo4
 I'm planning ot install a dedicated bacula client container that has root access to all the containers to copy the files from the other containers
  • TODO: Wiki is old and needs to be replaced the MySQL 5.5 EOL'd a couple of years ago for one.
  • TODO: 2339 Load balance using - jef mentioned this Nginx load balancing redirect


  • OSUOSL donation and FunToo donation are we set?
    • FunToo submitted to monthly payment plan, did treasurer figure it out?
    • DONE: OSUOSL, need to submit request to treasurer. - Request was made June 27, need confirmation - DONE Mike should be the response back from OSUOSL thanking us.

System Contracts

  • DONE Regina -- Second contract in place
  • LDAP+SSH Keys
  • Migrating OSGeo Wiki Logins to OSGeo LDAP

Open tickets needing attention

  • Domain Renewals (needs ticket) Is GDAL all set?

Other topics

SAC main page