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== Meetings Happened ==
== Meetings Happened ==
2020-01-16 - [http://irclogs.geoapt.com/osgeo-sac/%23osgeo-sac.2020-01-16.log transcript]
2020-01-16 - [http://irclogs.geoapt.com/osgeo-sac/%23osgeo-sac.2020-01-16.log transcript]
2020-01-30 - [http://irclogs.geoapt.com/osgeo-sac/%23osgeo-sac.2020-01-30.log transcript]
== Status ==
== Status ==

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Where and When

  • in IRC on Freenode, channel: osgeo-sac

Meetings Happened

2020-01-16 - transcript 2020-01-30 - transcript


  • DONE web.osgeo.osuosl.org has been moved to osgeo7. All needed redirects I think have been addressed
  • DONE osgeo3 has been shut off and BIOS upgraded. Waiting for new parts
  • TODO: Setup Bacula (need some thoughts on best way to go about this since osgeo7 is not setup quite the same and for some containers seems overkill to install a bacular fd client -wildintellect thinks we may not need this since we have snapshot daily backups on osgeo7 and container backups on osgeo4
  • TODO: Wiki is old and needs to be replaced the MySQL 5.5 EOL'd a couple of years ago for one.
  • TODO: 2339 Load balance download.osgeo.org using ftp.osuosl.org/osgeo/download - jef mentioned this Nginx load balancing redirect
  • TODO: Grab flickr photos


  • Best time for future meetings
  • osgeo3 -- 2396 Need new parts
  • New System contracts needed - general sys adm, Wiki ldap/integration
  • Plan for Wiki upgrade and LDAP/Wiki integration
  • live.osgeo.org migration to its own container (talking with kalax)
  • Shared / Project resources for windows/mac building (discussed need - no firm plans as to direction yet)

Other topics

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