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** http://fdo.osgeo.org
** http://fdo.osgeo.org
** http://mapguide.osgeo.org
** http://mapguide.osgeo.org
* [[SAC:LDAP|LDAP]] Python Admin Scripts in /usr/lib/cgi-bin  
* [[SAC:LDAP|LDAP]] Python Admin Scripts in /usr/lib/cgi-bin - accessed via https://id.osgeo.org
See [[Infrastructure Transition Plan 2010#Final_Plan]] for full details.
See [[Infrastructure Transition Plan 2010#Final_Plan]] for full details.
* [[Infrastructure Transition Plan 2010#osgeo3_.26_osgeo4]]
* [[Infrastructure Transition Plan 2010#osgeo3_.26_osgeo4]]

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Infrastructure of OSGeo System Administration Committee (SAC)

For emergency plans see: SAC:Admin and Troubleshooting

Servers at OSL

Open Source Labs - 4 physical machines containing x virtual machines.

If VM hanging, see OSL for how to open a ticket with OSUOSL's support.

All SAC administrators have LDAP auth to the OSL Virtual Machines.

To ssh into a server using your LDAP account, you can do the following replacing your_osgeo_login with your OSGeo login and vmname with the vm name of the server at OSL.

 ssh your_osgeo_login@vmname.osgeo.osuosl.org

When prompted for password, use your OSGeo Login password.

SAC:Primary Administrators also have ssh key access in case LDAP is down and that will also apply to the physical machines. Worst case scenario use the information on Open Source Labs to file a ticket (SAC members only). Direct connection to virtual machines is by appending it's vm alias to .osgeo.osuosl.org.

osgeo 7

New server just came in as of June 2018. Intended to replace osgeo3. Configuration Details

Running LXD 3 container management

Services currently on

  • Nextcloud - Ubuntu 18.04 LXD container for document sharing similar to dropbox/google drive - nextcloud-ubuntu.lxd - https://nextcloud.osgeo.org Nextcloud Setup
  • NGINX proxy - nginx.lxd - proxy that routes all http/https traffick currently only used for nextcloud.osgeo.org and osgeo7.osgeo.org
  • Dronie Server - 1.0 server of drone.io runs in an LXD container details Dronie
  • Collabora - Ubuntu 18.04 LXD container for LibreOffice/MS Office online document editor currently used exclusively by nextcloud.osgeo.org. Setup detailed in Nextcloud setup
  • Old Projects -- this is the old projects.osgeo.osuosl.org migrated as a container, so more or less the same as it was before, with the exception that all the websites are now proxied thru the nginx container. Websites like on it are community-review.foss4g.org and spatialreference.org


  • Mail

See Osgeo6 for full details

Backup (osgeo5)

  • Backup now runs on dedicated hardware
  • Provides Rsync backups of download.osgeo.org
  • Provides Bacula backups of various VMs.
  • See SAC:Backups for details.


osgeo4 is a real server managed by OSUOSL and running a virtualization solution (ganeti+kvm) to provide Virtual Machines which are the ones SAC can access and manage. SAC can _not_ access osgeo4 directly, but has to contact OSUOSL for that.

As of February 2018 the osgeo4 machine should be dismissed, moving hosted services somewhere else (most likely osgeo6 or osgeo7 machine).

QGIS @ osgeo

QGIS off OSGeo for details



2019-04-18 THIS VM has been migrated to osgeo7 as an LXD container and apache has been turned off and websites repointed

  • Most projects have been moved to osgeo6, a list of what remains needs to be made so they can be moved. 2280 ticket
2019-04-12 - I checked the /etc/apache2/sites-enabled and see community-review.foss4g.org.conf, featureserver.org.conf, sr.org.conf (www.spatialreference.org)

(then I did a webcheck and cofirmed spatialreference.org is on this server so that should be moved, community-review.foss4g.org ) and featureserver.org is still running on this server.


osgeo3 is a real server managed by OSUOSL and running a virtualization solution (ganeti+kvm) to provide Virtual Machines which are the ones SAC can access and manage. SAC can _not_ access osgeo3 directly, but has to contact OSUOSL for that.

Each of the sections below represent a Virtual Machine and describes which services are running on it, and by which name they are reachable.


See OSGeo Wiki


  • Hosts SAC:LDAP services (ldap.osgeo.org).


  • See TracsvnVM for full details, and some notes on services running here


See Infrastructure Transition Plan 2010#Final_Plan for full details.


  • Template VM used when creating new VMs.
  • Not normally running - make a special request to OSL to start it up.



Cloud Hosted Servers and other external under SAC Control

osgeo funtoo

For lxd experimentation it's an lxd container running other lxd containers and provided by funtoo.org.

OSGeo Funtoo osgeo.host.funtoo.org

LXDs currently running

LimeSurvey -this may be in future migrated to osgeo7


(Cloud hosted server on OSUOSL hardware (not ours) )

  • Debian 9.3 4GB server, host name: web18a.osgeo.osuosl.org require ssh key to log in.
  • Hosts wordpress sites staging.www.osgeo.org,www.osgeo.org, staging.grass.osgeo.org, foss4g2018.osgeo.org
  • Setup details on Web18a setup


  • host.postgis.net -p 2222 is an LXD Debian 10 8GB RAM
  • Currenlty running two lxd containers:
   debbie: postgis.net, planet.postgis.net, debbie.postgis.net (jenkins build bot)  
   debbie-docker.host.postgis.net - runs docker and serves as a 1.0 agent for dronie.osgeo.org

QGIS off OSGeo

Services on separated machines rented and managed by the QGIS project at hetzner

  • website including documentation http://www.qgis.org
  • website building, documentation building, debian/ubuntu nightlies, plugins.qgis.org
  • issues.qgis.org: redmine

Historical servers (not more in use)

- Telascience Blades (Historical)