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Infrastructure of OSGeo System Administration Committee (SAC)

Servers at OSL

Open Source Labs - 4 physical machines containing x virtual machines.

If VM hanging, see OSL for how to open a ticket with OSUOSL's support.

All SAC administrators have LDAP auth to the OSL Virtual Machines.

To ssh into a server using your LDAP account, you can do the following replacing your_osgeo_login with your OSGeo login and vmname with the vm name of the server at OSL.


When prompted for password, use your OSGeo Login password.

SAC:Primary Administrators also have ssh key access in case LDAP is down and that will also apply to the physical machines. Worst case scenario use the information on Open Source Labs to file a ticket (SAC members only). Direct connection to virtual machines is by appending it's vm alias to


Each of the sections below represent a Virtual Machine and describes which services are running on it, and by which name they are reachable.


See OSGeo Wiki



  • See TracsvnVM for full details, and some notes on services running here


  • Transition in Progress???
  • Drupal instances for the main OSGeo web site and projects like MapGuide and FDO are hosted here (??).
  • LDAP Python Admin Scripts in /usr/lib/cgi-bin

See Infrastructure Transition Plan 2010#Final_Plan for full details.


  • Template VM used when creating new VMs.
  • Not normally running - make a special request to OSL to start it up.



osgeo4 is a machine which as of 2017 should be dismissed, moving hosted services somewhere else (most likely osgeo6 machine).


Service on a separated machines (rented by the QGIS project at hetzner):

  • qgis2: website building, documentation building, debian/ubuntu nightlies,
  • redmine
  • redmine is moved to dedicated updated hetzner machine)



  • Backup now runs on dedicated hardware
  • Provides Rsync backups of
  • Provides Bacula backups of various VMs.
  • See SAC:Backups for details. (osgeo3 or osgeo4) This needs work


See Osgeo6 for full details

Cloud Hosted Servers under SAC Control

  • SAC:betawebsite -, IPv6 address..: 2a02:348:84:cd17::1, Debian 8 4GB server, host name: credentials available on osgeo secure access folder

Emergency plans:

See: SAC:Admin and Troubleshooting

Servers at Telascience Blades

This only describes some of the osgeo oriented systems and is not a full description of the telascience reality in any way


Telascience Disks


  • Full details on HyperCube
  • Used primarily for geodata serving.

Lantronix SLC8


1  	B1600-SC0  << blade consoles
2 	B1600-SC1
3 	LX50
4 	Port-4
5 	SE3510
6 	Port-6
7 	V20z
  • ssh
[SDSU-SLC]> connect direct deviceport 1
Connected to port 1. Escape sequence is ESC A << Important Info
B1600-sc>console S11
[Connected with input enabled on fru S11]
Escape Sequence is '#.' << Important Info


The Plone service should start automatically. In case it doesn't it can be started manually running /etc/rc.d/init.d/zopectl start

xblade11-2 (buildtest)

  • ( FC4 (DNS:
  • STATUS: This system was compromised and is currently shutdown pending reformatting.

  • LDAP Shell enabled, normal system setup done. March 28, 2008
  • This server got a new disk in February because the old one died, so all previous contents are lost.
  • Use 87GB /osgeo partition for bulk of work on this system, limited space in /home.
  • Assigned as a build and regression testing server for Buildbot slaves, and related systems like Hudson for GeoNetwork and Geotools.
  • Hudson does not restart automatically!
  • Details on the Hudson Configuration on this system.
  • hosts tiles for the mapserver front page demo MapServerTiles
  • host foss4g2009 workshop uploads per #407
  • host foss4g2010 workshop uploads per #563

xblade12-2 (Kids GIS)

  • ( FC4
  • STATUS: This system was compromised and is currently shutdown pending reformatting.
  • new server: new install, no ldap or remotely mounted home.
  • This machine is allocated to Kids GIS Portal

xblade13-2 (download)

  • ( FC4


xblade14-2 (buildbot | upload | GeoTools | Gallery | FOSS4G2007)

  • ( FC4
  • STATUS: This system was compromised and is dead. Servers migrated to ProjectsVM
  • only is on WebExtraVM

  • LDAP Shell enabled, yum updated July 19th/2006.
  • OSGeo BuildBot Configuration.
  • Using for Community Mapbuilder Continuum Builds.
  • MapServer
    • script preparing nightly svn snapshots (/osgeo/mapserver - cronjob under frankw)
    • /osgeo/mapserver/mapserver-web, including scripts to recreate things using Sphinx (hobu/jmckenna)
  • GRASS ( (migrated to
    • /osgeo/grass/grass-web is the svn checkout of the grass website (updated once per hour).
    • /osgeo/grass/rsync is the server which also operated as rsync mirror master (under the 'grass' rsync module)
    • Mediawiki (using mysql)
  • GeoTools (
    • /osgeo/geotools/geotools-web is GeoTools home using plain HTML


  • ( FC4
  • STATUS: This system was compromised and is currently shutdown pending reformatting.

  • Fedora Directory Server. LDAP server.
  • Plone
  • SMS Smart Mob system
  • Plone GPS / APRS / Cell tracking .... wishing ;)
  • (likely unused since ended up on osgeo2)
  • ISO mirroring


  • (
  • HJG still working to setup.
  • HJG plans to use for a telascience ldap server.
  • Frank Warmerdam / Mateusz Loskot plans to deploy buildbot slaves (bigendian sparc solaris!)


  • ( Solaris 2.9
  • experimental community portal - see SAC:Setup CiviCRM