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Infrastructure of OSGeo System Administration Committee (SAC)

Peer1 (osgeo1)

  • SAC:Primary Administrators
  • Lots of config information in the Migration Documentation.
  • SAC:Backups describes backup strategy.
  • Web pages (Drupal) - Tyler Mitchell, ... (info)
  • postfix - Tyler Mitchell, ...
  • Linux updates - Tyler Mitchell, ...
  • LDAP - Howard Butler
  • SSL certificate - Shawn Barnes (configuration)
  • DNS (via Pairnic) - Shawn Barnes
  • IPTABLES - Shawn Barnes
  • a few services are monitored by HTTP monitoring scripts, notification goes to Frank Warmerdam, Shawn Barnes and Daniel Morissette - operated by Daniel.
  • Virtual Hosts (on same server)
    • - Howard Butler (info)
    • (mailman) - Tyler Mitchell (info)
    • - Howard Butler (info)
    • - Wolf (in development)

Emergency plans:

See: SAC:Admin and Troubleshooting (osgeo2)

This is the other peer1 host, primary used for backup and development testing of services.

  • /home/back: 6/24 hour backups from osgeo1 (by rsync)
  • /home/other_backups: daily backups from by rsync.
  • Development drupal instance
  • (you are reading it!): migration notes (need more info!)

Telascience Blades

This only describes some of the osgeo oriented systems and is not a full description of the telascience reality in any way


  • Full details on HyperCube
  • Used primarily for geodata serving.


xblade11-2 (geodata)

  • ( FC4
  • new server: new install, ldap enabled, yum updated July 20th/2006.
  •; Assigned for geodata work for now, and to be named or something similar. Binaries on geodata:
    • all GIS binaries are installed into /usr/local/*
    • /usr/local/lib was added to /etc/

xblade12-2 (Kids GIS)

  • ( FC4
  • new server: new install, no ldap or remotely mounted home.
  • This machine is allocated to Kids GIS Portal


  • ( FC4
  • Lots of software installed, general use.
  • Also used for DevelopmentDrupalInstance - contact Kanhaiya Kale.
  • This machine appears to be dead (Dec 11, 2007).

xblade14-2 (download)


  • ( FC4
  • Fedora Directory Server. LDAP server.
  • Plone
  • SMS Smart Mob system
  • Plone GPS / APRS / Cell tracking .... wishing ;)
  • (likely unused since ended up on osgeo2)
  • ISO mirroring


  • ( Solaris 2.9
  • experimental community portal