STDM 2017 Code Sprint

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Codesprints are clearly within the scope of OSGeo's mission, and the OSGeo Foundation supports them. This page provides the information required for OSGeo to decide whether the sprint should be supported, and if so in what fashion.

Basic Information

  • Audience: 20+ participants
  • Participants can apply for travel grants. It is expected to be able to support 10 participants from Africa, Asia, Asia Pacific or South America.
  • Region: The sprint will take place in Nairobi, Kenya with a focus on Eastern Africa.
  • Projects: The sprint is focused on the software implemented for the Social Tenure Domain Model (STDM). Work is planned to focus on the QGIS plugin and the Sahana implementation of STDM and associated documentation and tutorials using QGIS, PostGIS, Postgresql.
  • As a secondary effect the code sprint will help to dissemination know-how and allows for hands on training with core OSGeo software, specifically QGIS and PostGIS.
  • Length: The sprint is planned to take place at the end of April and is scheduled for four days.
  • Venue: The sprint will be held at the RCMRD in Nairobi, Kenya. Food will be provided for all participants (both with travel grant and self sponsored). Overnight lodging will be provided for accepted travel grant applicants.

Draft Budget

The budget for the code sprint travel grants, venue, catering and back-office is USD 18,500. The largest part is set aside for supporting participant travel and accommodation amounting to 11,000 USD. It is provided through the Professional Cluster of GLTN. The funding requested of OSGeo is allocated for catering.

Item Budget Status Status
Participant travel 6000 funded GLTN
Travel grants for accepted applicants 5000 funded GLTN
Catering 3000 requested OSGeo
Venue 2500 funded GLTN
Administrative fee for operational back office (RCMRD) 2000 funded GLTN
Professional instructor in-kind funded Kartoza
Infrastructure in-kind funded RCMRD
Organization in-kind funded Metaspatial
Facilitation in-kind funded UN Habitat
  • There is no registration fee.
  • Third-party sponsorship amounts to 15,500 USD plus in-kind contributions
  • OSGeo is requested for 3,000 USD sponsorship

Profit / Loss / Risk

  • The event is not planned to make any profit.
  • The event will not incur a loss because all critical items which may incur a cost even if the event has to be canceled are already funded.

Submission of a funding request

Proposed workflow:

  1. Sprint organisers fill out the questionnaire above and submit it to Board list.
    • Done. Request submitted to the board mailing list on 2017-03-13
  2. Board adds a "Sprint support" agenda item for upcoming Board meeting, and invites sprint organiser(s) to join the meeting and provide clarification where needed.
    • Open.
  3. Board votes on the funding request.
    • Open.
  4. Upon approval, and within one month from the end of the sprint, sprint organisers provide a publicly accessible summary budget of the actual expenses. A more detailed budget shall be made available to OSGeo Treasurer. Should the final budget not be available to OSGeo, future fund requests will be with held until final budget publication.