Second VisCom Meeting

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Date and Time

April 27th, 2006, at 8am PST (worldclock link)

The meeting will take place on IRC at #osgeo.


  • Officially vote on committee membership (list still shows 'Potential Members')
  • Process for press releases
  • Press release topics to push and interval
  • Developing a contact list for promotions (news organizations and related web sites)
  • Evaluate web site stats
  • Work out VisComTODO
  • Discuss Slogans
  • Start discussion on OSGeo/Project promotion potential
  • mpg suggests we fork off three subteams:
    • one for "marketing operations/logistics" - manages formal Marketing dept things like brochures, logos, press releases, contact lists, etc
    • one for "conferences" - responsible for tracking what shows are happening, and coordinating what (if any) presence OSGeo will have there
    • one for "library" - permanent archive of high-quality OSGeo-related content, e.g. slide sets about us, slides about our member projects, workshops, etc, etc, all to be used and recycled by members and the public (if library idea deemed worthy, mpg will humbly nominate himself for the "librarian" role)
    • one for "outreach" - chartered with responsibility of "getting the word out" to specific communities, corporate and otherwise
  • mpg would like to see a (possibly informal) charter for VisCom, as he (and others?) are a little confused about the roles of VisCom versus WebCom
  • please add your topics