Second VisCom Meeting Minutes

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The second meeting was held April 27th, 2006. The agenda can be found at Second_VisCom_Meeting.

The meeting was held via conf call (courtesy Daniel), lasting one hour. mpg ran the meeting, as Arnulf was stuck on a train somewhere.


  • Michael P. Gerlek
  • Dave McIlhagga
  • Daniel Brookshier
  • Chris Holmes
  • Peter Moran

Committee Membership

The current list is out of date / incorrect / wrong. mpg to update as follows:

  • check status of Jason, Tyler, Markus, Mark
  • remove Sean (as he is doing WebCom)
  • add Peter
  • add Chris
  • add Daniel

Daniel will check viscom mailing list and verify - daniel - to mpg&arnulf

Process for press release - board mandate to VisCom - not "what" but certainly "how" and "when" - publish Wiki page for process - review process - Dave volunteers for PR management

Peter takes ops/logistics - lump into with group 2 mpg takes library Dave - outreach, mpg to volunteer to help, and Daniel

discussion of confluence, private list, etc telascience press release mapbuilder 1.0 release who did the first two press releases? multilang is nice - nice, by volunteers wiki page to point people to

OSGeo website stats daniel has stats available monthly report noting date of PR events

TODO - next mtg

slogans - separate from logos? another contest?

"Start discussion on OSGeo/Project promotion potential" VisCom's job to gig projects to promote themselves we are conduit for that communication marketing support we need to advertise our own capabilities Daniel

WebCom does what it is told VisCom tell what to do

Where 2.0 - 15 min on OSGeo

 3 lightning talks (Frank, Jody, Chris)
 Schulyer talk
 15 What Is slot (Tyler)
 Autodesk keynote (Gary Lang)
 can we get a booth? (via Autodesk?)
 open data committee (Tim O'Reilly
 Dave, mpg attending
 BOF - OSGeo - members and interested people

next mtg in two weeks, thursday, Am Daniel conf call, skype in as reqid > 877-326-2337 id 3206046# > 303-928 3232 intl number