Second VisCom Meeting Minutes

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The second meeting was held April 27th, 2006. The agenda can be found at Second_VisCom_Meeting.

The meeting was held via conf call (courtesy Daniel), lasting one hour. mpg ran the meeting, as Arnulf was stuck on a train somewhere.


  • Michael P. Gerlek
  • Dave McIlhagga
  • Daniel Brookshier
  • Chris Holmes
  • Peter Moran

Committee Membership

The current list is out of date / incorrect / wrong. mpg to update as follows:

  • check status of Jason, Tyler, Markus, Mark
  • remove Sean (as he is doing WebCom)
  • add Peter
  • add Chris
  • add Daniel

Daniel will check viscom mailing list and verify - daniel - to mpg&arnulf

Process for press release - board mandate to VisCom - not "what" but certainly "how" and "when" - publish Wiki page for process - review process - Dave volunteers for PR management

Peter takes ops/logistics - lump into with group 2 mpg takes library Dave - outreach, mpg to volunteer to help, and Daniel