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This is the tranlsation of the official Sénégal page.

Senegalease OSGeo Local Chapter


Promote GIS FOSS in Senegal.

Take advantage of existing OSGeo infrastructure and knowledge to develop training activities in FOSS4G for senegalease people.

Create a dynamic and durable partnership between allready existing ASIGEO and Global OSGeo.

Organizing local meeting which can take advantage of OSGeo knowledge people network.


First meeting took place in Dakar (Senegal) on 2009/12/02, people presents are listed here after :

* Mr Mandiaye Ndiaye, ASIEGO president,
* Mr Mouhammade Diop, ASIGEO vice-president,
* Mr Ngagne Diallo, ASIGEO planification manager,
* Mr Moussa Diaw, ASIGEO one of more actif member,
* Mss Ndeye Penda Sarr, ASIGEO finacial comitee presidente,
* Mr Gérald Fenoy, OSGeo evangelist.

Some photos was took after the meeting to let you know people we are talking about.

Next meeting : 2010 january, will be defined in next weeks.


You'll find here after more information about the actual ASIGEO which start the Senegalease OSGeo Local Chapter creation initiative :

* Mandiaye Ndiaye ( mnjaye at yahoo dot fr / asigeo1 at yahoo dot fr )
  Boulevard Roosevelt immeuble mediature
  BP-253 Dakar 
  Tel : +221 77 539 77 49

Advisors :

* Gérald Fenoy
* Venkatesh Raghavan (venka dot osgeo at gmail dot com)

Involved people

People which will actively participate to the Local Chapter creation :

* Mouhammade DIOP ( mouhammade at yahoo dot com )
* Ngagne Diallo ( diallo underscore demba at yahoo dot com )
* Moussa Karé Diaw ( moudiaw at yahoo dot fr )
* Gérald Fenoy

Other members of ASIGEO which would like to contribute :

* Ndeye Penda Sarr ( ndeypenda at gmail dot com )
* Khalifa Ababacar Sarr ( khafsarr at yahoo dot fr )
* Aliou Diouf ( aliou underscore diouf at yahoo dot fr )