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# Steve Lime (steve.lime-AT-dnr.state.mn.us) [size L]
# Steve Lime (steve.lime-AT-dnr.state.mn.us) [size L]
# David Bitner (david.bitner-AT-gmail.com) [size L]
# David Bitner (david.bitner-AT-gmail.com) [size L]
# Bob Basques (bob.b-AT-gritechnologies.com) [#065529 size XL]
# Bob Basques (bob.b-AT-gritechnologies.com) [#060393 size XL]
# Tom Burk (teb-AT-mallit.fr.umn.edu) [size XL]
# Tom Burk (teb-AT-mallit.fr.umn.edu) [size XL]

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This page is about our shirt order for Where 2.0 (and beyond).


Using Lands' End.

We will be using fabric style "W", which gives lots of style choices for the order (Tees, etc). However, the style you select must support color=BLACK. The logo will be done up in OSGeo Green.

Two images (PDF and EPS) are stored in the VisCom file repository at osgeo.org.

Logo submitted morning of May 24th, work started 25th. Within the 3 week "rush" window, so the $400 rush fee applies.



Confirmed (Where purchase)

  1. Tyler Mitchell (tylermitchell-AT-shaw.ca) [060393-Large]
  2. Dave McIlhagga (dmcilhagga-AT-dmsolutions.ca) [large T]
  3. Jo Walsh (jo-AT-frot.org) ["small/girlie-sized"]
  4. mpg (mpg-AT-osgeo.org)
  5. Frank (warmerdam-AT-pobox.com) [large T (060393)]
  6. Gary Lang (gary.lang-AT-autodesk.com)
  7. Schuyler (schuyler-AT-nocat.net) [med or lg]
  8. Rich Gibson (rich.gibson-AT-gmail.com)
  9. Mark Lucas (mlucas17-AT-mac.com) [large T]
  10. Andrew Mackles (andrew.mackles-AT-autodesk.com) [075973 - medium]
  11. Sean Sternfeldt (sean.sternfeldt-AT-autodesk.com)
  12. Allan Doyle (adoyle-AT-eogeo.org) [large T]
  13. Chris Holmes (cholmes-AT-openplans.org)
  14. Arnulf Christl (arnulf.christl-AT-ccgis.de)
  15. Dylan Beaudette (dylan.beaudette-AT-gmail.com)
  16. David Enns (david.enns-AT-mapitout.com)
  17. John Graham (johng-AT-telascience.org) [Pima Polos xl xxl]
  18. Mikel Maron (mikel_maron-AT-yahoo.com) [xl T]
  19. Autodesk-1 (peter.moran-AT-autodesk.com) [T]
  20. Autodesk-2 (peter.moran-AT-autodesk.com) [T]
  21. Autodesk-3 (peter.moran-AT-autodesk.com) [T]
  22. Tim Schaub (tim-AT-commenspace.org) [Large T (060393)]
  23. Josh Livni (josh-AT_livniconsulting.com) [medium T (060393)]
  24. Jason Birch (jason.birch-AT-nanaimo.ca) [item #075973, size XXL] - Please give to Dave McIlhagga
  25. Matt Perry (perrygeo-AT-gmail.com) [item #060393, size L]
  26. Nat T.
  27. Mike Liebhold
  28. Extra-1
  29. Extra-2
  30. Extra-3
  31. Extra-4
  32. Extra-5
  33. Extra-6
  34. Extra-7
  35. possible 10 for FOSSGIS organization team (the sponsors)

Confirmed (self-purchase)

  1. Daniel Morissette (dmorissette-AT-mapgears.com) [item #060393 (T), size L]
  2. Daniel Morissette (dmorissette-AT-mapgears.com) [item #060393 (T), size M]
  3. Daniel Morissette (dmorissette-AT-mapgears.com) [item #060393 (T), size M]
  4. Tom Kralidis (tom.kralidis-AT-ec.gc.ca) [item #060393, size L]
  5. Markus Neteler (neteler-AT-osgeo.org) [size L]
  6. Jeff McKenna (jmckenna-AT-dmsolutions.ca) [size XXL]
  7. Perry Nacionales (pnaciona-AT-osgeo.org) [size S]
  8. Aaron Koning (aaronkoning-AT-gmail.com) [size XXL]
  9. Mateusz Loskot (mateusz-AT-loskot.net)
  10. Paulo Marcondes (paulomarcondes-AT-gmail.com) [item #060393 (T w/o pocket), XL]
  11. CCGIS-1 (arnulf.christl-AT-ccgis.de)
  12. CCGIS-2 (arnulf.christl-AT-ccgis.de)
  13. CCGIS-3 (arnulf.christl-AT-ccgis.de)
  14. CCGIS-4 (arnulf.christl-AT-ccgis.de)
  15. Mike Adair (mike.adair-AT-nrcan.gc.ca) [size XL]
  16. Dave Patton (dpatton-AT-confluence.org) [Item Number: 060393, size L]
  17. Ari Jolma (ari.jolma-AT-tkk.fi) [Pima Polo XL]
  18. Jeroen Ticheler (Jeroen-AT-Ticheler.net) [#060393, Men, size XL]
  19. Marco Lechner (marco.lechner@geographie.uni-freiburg.de) [#060393W-BLA-M]
  20. Steve Lime (steve.lime-AT-dnr.state.mn.us) [size L]
  21. David Bitner (david.bitner-AT-gmail.com) [size L]
  22. Bob Basques (bob.b-AT-gritechnologies.com) [#060393 size XL]
  23. Tom Burk (teb-AT-mallit.fr.umn.edu) [size XL]

Lands' End Account

  • set up under mpg's name and address (Seattle, WA)
  • username: osgeo
  • password: (ask mpg)

Contact info:

  • work order #0637017W
  • Jef Riley (fef.riley-AT-landsend.com)
  • 800-535-3060 x8296

To Do

  • logo now being set up, will confirm price
  • get order date deadline
  • get shirt orders collected
  • set delivery to San Jose
  • arrange payment via Arnulf