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This page is about our shirt order for Where 2.0 (and beyond).


Using Lands' End.

We will be using fabric style "W", which gives lots of style choices for the order (Tees, etc). However, the style you select must support color=BLACK. The logo will be done up in OSGeo Green.

Two images (PDF and EPS) are stored in the VisCom file repository at

Logo submitted morning of May 24th -- HOWEVER, this is inside the 3 week "rush" window, so they might try and charge us a $400 fee...



  1. Tyler Mitchell (
  2. Dave McIlhagga (
  3. Jo Walsh ( ["small/girlie-sized"]
  4. mpg (
  5. Frank (
  6. Gary Lang (
  7. Schuyler ( [med or lg]
  8. Rich Gibson (
  9. Mark Lucas ( [large T]
  10. Andrew Mackles (
  11. Allan Doyle ( [large]
  12. Chris Holmes (


  1. Arnulf Christl
  2. Pete Southwood
  3. Arnab Ganguly
  4. Dylan B.
  5. Mikel Maron

VIP Give-Aways / Other

  1. Nat T.
  2. an extra for Nat T., for Jack D.?
  3. Daniel Morissette ( [size L, not attending / will pay]
  4. Mike Liebhold (suggested by Schuyler)
  5. ...?

Lands' End Account

  • set up under mpg's name and address (Seattle, WA)
  • username: osgeo
  • password: (ask mpg)

To Do

  • EPS logo coming from Tyler
  • register logo, confirm price
  • get order date deadline
  • get shirt orders collected
  • set delivery to San Jose
  • arrange payment via Arnulf