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Nonsense text and promotional links are an ever-present problem on this wiki. Those who add the pages don't seem to understand that these wiki links don't add anything to their pagerank and are just a waste of their and our time.

Nevertheless, spam remains a problem and it seems that only one or two members on this wiki are allowed to delete pages and/or block users. Other wiki members spot the spam but can't do anything about it. They can blank the page, but then as soon as the page gets deleted, so does any record that the page was blanked. So in effect it's worthless for normal users to spend any effort fighting the spam, because their efforts will be deleted too.


If you don't promptly delete vandals like Rickpetko9179, Rudolfhollad4 and Ovbbkbb, this wiki will suffocate under the weight of the spam. At the moment, the wiki is losing the battle, which is sad. Somebody please look at the "Recent changes" page once in a while and clean it up. many more. If you are interested in helping to block spamming accounts and revert edits please apply for administrator access on the SAC list (or contact Arnulf Christl directly). Thanks.