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(OSGeo.LK Chapter Officers)
(OSGeo.LK Chapter Officers)
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*[[Niroshan Sanjaya]]
*[[Niroshan Sanjaya]]
*[[Aruna Bandara]]
*[[Aruna Bandara]]
*[[Suthakaran Sundaralingam]]
*[[Maheshika Karunarathne]]
*[[Thambirajah Sunthararajah]]
*[[Malinga Pabasara]]
..Add Executive Members here
..Add Executive Members here

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About OSGeo-Sri Lanka (LK) Chapter


  • Promoting Free/Opensource GIS tools and publicly available Geodata
  • Advocacy of and promoting Localized GIS
  • Act as a bridge between various groups like Developers, Application Users, NGOs, Government departments
  • mentor various FOSS GIS mini-projects by providing resources such as technical guidance, webspace etc.



  • initiative for standardisation of publicly available geodata
  • setting up WMS/WFS based geodata servers using publicly available geodata
  • toolkit for localised GIS including with special focus on schools, governments, public causes such as child malnutrition, mass education.

POCs (Proof Of Concept demos):

  • free/opensource based GIS demos
  • localized GIS (interface and maps)
  • Collaborative platforms for participatory governance

Regional Events:

  • Workshops and Training sessions for
    • comp science students/teachers
    • geo-informatics/geology/geography/civil engineering students and teachers
    • others
  • Special Lectures
  • Demonstrations


  • Networking Local Communities related to geo-issues
  • Mailing Lists
  • Wiki

Legal status

OSGeo.LK Chapter Officers


Vice President


Vice Secretary


Vice Treasurer

Executive Members

..Add Executive Members here


..Add Advisors here

Initial Membership

..Add members here

Activity of OSGeo.LK Chapter


  • Formation of OSGeo lab of University of Moratuwa and OSGeo Lab of SLIIT
  • organizing FOSS4G Sri Lanka -2014
  • Add Activity